Weight loss success story – How I lost 30 pounds

When did I become unhappy with my weight?

When I hit puberty, the skinny kid that I have always been was no more. I begin to pack the pounds until I reach 175 lbs in college. It was a mix between stress eating, larger portions and less exercise as well as hormonal imbalance that made me reach my biggest weight.

I tried several diets, some with more success than other, but I just couldn’t keep the weight off for a very long time. I had the tendency to tell myself: “You have been good all these months and you lost so many pounds. Why not reward yourself now by eating just a little bit more?” Of course, I regained the weight that I lost and some more! I had been an emotional eater all my life and I sought comfort in food.

What was my wake-up call to get serious about losing weight?

Why should you take Hoodia to lose weight?

Hoodia Gordonii diet pills are a great natural tool to lose weight without being hungry all the time, like normal dieting does.

Of course, one could say you just have to eat less to lose weight. Easier said than done isn’t it? What if a weight loss product helps you reduce your portion and reduce your food cravings naturally without suffering from hunger while your body get used to eating less? This product exists and it is Hoodia weight loss supplements.

Hoodia helps you to:

  • Suppress your appetite
  • Dramatically reduce your calorie intake
  • Lose weight quickly every single day
  • Lose body fat, not just water retention

What exactly is Hoodia Gordonii?

Hoodia Gordonii is a succulent plant that resemble a cactus, used for centuries by the Sans tribe of the Kalahari desert in South Africa to suppress their appetite on long hunting trips.

Unique Hoodia Review

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The Skinny on Hoodia Gordonii

In a few words before I go into details, Hoodia Gordonii is a South African cactus known to suppress appetite when ingested. Used for centuries by the Bushmen of the Kalahari desert, the pulp of this cactus contains a special molecule called P57 that is a very powerful appetite suppressant.

The usage of Hoodia Gordonii was popularized in Occident after tv reporters went to the South African desert to test this amazing and rare cactus. Because of their glowing review, Hoodia has been put in caplets and it is a popular diet supplement since then. * Read an article about Hoodia Gordonii by the BBC and a story on 60 minutes about Hoodia presented on CBS News.

Choosing Hoodia supplements wisely

In its purest form, Hoodia has been clinically-proven to be very efficient at appetite suppression and weight loss but the problem is to find pure Hoodia nowadays.

While doing research on Hoodia, I stumble upon a scientific website that reports that 99% of Hoodia pills on the market right now are FAKE! That’s right, you have 1 chance out of 100 to buy an Hoodia diet pill that will make you lose weight and 99 chances to be scammed.

Because giving my hard-earned money to scammers was the last thing I wanted to do, I searched all over the Internet for a 100% pure Hoodia pill without unnecessary fillers, clinically-proven and from a reputable company (not from some obscure bogus Chinese factory).

I’m glad to report that I found it! Unique Hoodia is from the same company as Proactol, a popular fat-binder pill. They are located in England (but they ship all over the world) and offer the greatest customer service. I had the pleasure to speak with Martin from the Toll Free line and he answered knowledgeably to all the questions I had regarding Unique Hoodia.

UniqueHoodia also offers a guarantee of satisfaction or your money back, which is reassuring of the quality of the product. Continue reading for my full UniqueHoodia review

UniqueHoodia Ingredients
UniqueHoodia Ingredients – Only 100% Pure Hoodia Gordonii

UniqueHoodia really works to lose weight

I would NEVER recommend a product that I haven’t try myself with great results. That’s why I can assure you that Unique Hoodia is the real deal in term of appetite suppression and weight loss.

I lost 30 pounds and I’m continuing to lose every week! I find Unique Hoodia to be a very successful weight loss tool and that’s why I would reorder in an heartbeat.

Seeing my amazing results, my mother, two colleagues and my neighbor’s daughter have all begin taking Unique Hoodia pills and they are very happy with the results. Seeing how great UniqueHoodia worked for us, there is no reasons why it shouldn’t work for you.

Read my weight loss success story on how I lost 30 pounds with UniqueHoodia

If you feel your biggest problem is not what you eat but how much of it you consume (ever heard of eating your emotions??) then Unique Hoodia is the product for you! Hoodia is well documented for it’s power at reducing your food cravings, however it is much more then just an appetite suppressant! I’m sure you will come to this conclusion too after finishing reading my UniqueHoodia review.

Why buy UniqueHoodia?
– Made from real, unaltered, pure South African Hoodia Gordonii
Ingredients clinically proven to suppress your appetite and help you to lose weight
– 495mg of Hoodia in every little pill, more than any other product
– 90 pills per box – 30 more than most Hoodia products!
Why take UniqueHoodia?
– Suppresses your appetite helping you eat less every day
Reduce your calorie intake by up to 2,000 calories
– Lose 1lb to 5lbs per week
Maximum potency for a maximum weight loss
– Stop your food cravings safely and effectively

UniqueHoodia helped me lose 30Lbs – Testimonial

Used for centuries by the nomadic Sans tribe of South Africa, the Hoodia Gordonii used in Unique Hoodia is the most powerful Hoodia on the market right now.

This is how UniqueHoodia works: You take one UniqueHoodia pill before each meal and it will prevent you from over eating because you will be less hungry. It will take away the need for food and only leave the pleasure of the good taste of your delicious meals.

Studies on Unique Hoodia showed that it can reduce your calorie intake by up to 2,000 calories per day. This is very powerful stuff! You will never have the munchies and you will not feel the need to eat between meals.

This brings me to the reason I took one star off for safety. Unique Hoodia in itself is very safe. It’s medically proven, natural and backed by doctors all over the world. Scientifics wouldn’t endorsed any product that isn’t safe, right?

See certifications UniqueHoodia has received

The safety issue is simple. Unique Hoodia is so good at suppressing appetite that you could deny your body of the nutriments it needs if you don’t eat enough food! Because you are not hungry, you have to remind yourself to eat 3 nutritious meals a day.

With Hoodia, you are tricking your body’s natural mechanism reminding you that it’s time to eat. That’s why you need to have the discipline to establish a schedule for your food intake.

You must not skip meal even if you are not hungry. Maybe your brain isn’t sending you any hunger messages, this is how Hoodia works, but it needs food nonetheless. Not feeling hungry is very weird when you begin taking Unique Hoodia (and that is coming from someone who was hungry all the time), but it’s totally normal. What is not normal is not eating at all.

So please eat good and nutritious food even if you are not hungry. Take care of yourself and it will show on your body! Please keep the advice on my UniqueHoodia review in mind when taking any Hoodia weight loss product.

Not being hungry and eating nutritious food has allowed me to reach my ideal weight faster so UniqueHoodia can help you achieve your healthy weight too. I’m happy to report that I lost 30 pounds and I’m continuing to lose weight steadily.

The ingredients contained within UniqueHoodia have been clinically proven to help suppress appetite, cut calorie intake and reduce body fat levels. And I’m the living proof that it works!

Unique Hoodia supplements will pay for themselves with all the money you will save on food bills because you eat less. In these times of economical crisis, it’s comforting to know that our weight loss tool won’t cost an arm and a leg. Eating less and losing weight is wise for our health, our family and for our wallet too.

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Why Unique Hoodia over other diet pills?

Containing nothing but pure South African Hoodia Gordonii (the only kind which has been proven to work), UniqueHoodia is unlike no other hoodia based product. It contains no fillers, no additives, and no lubricants – just a perfect 495mg dosage of pure Hoodia. This is why the brand Unique Hoodia is trusted all over the world and endorsed by doctors. I lost 30 pounds myself with UniqueHoodia and that is why I can give these Hoodia pills a good review.

The purity of UniqueHoodia means we know that we are not swallowing any nasty chemicals or undesirable ingredients. It also means that we get all our money’s worth because everything inside the small pill is working towards achieving our ideal weight.

See the certifications UniqueHoodia has received showing that it’s perfectly safe
UniqueHoodia Certifications

The guarantee of UniqueHoodia

The manufacturers are so confident that UniqueHoodia will work that they are offering a complete 6 month money-back guarantee with every order. This means your purchase is not just risk-free for your health but risk-free for your wallet too!

I did a lot of research and there is no better Hoodia product available on the market right now. UniqueHoodia is, as the name suggests… unique! It has more pills per box, more pure hoodia per pill (495 mg) and it gives us a better chance of becoming our ideal weight than any other Hoodia product.

In addition, we get:

– 24 hour support via phone and email
– Full 6 month money-back guarantee
– Exclusive discount offers
– Fast, discreet, and free shipping anywhere in the world
– 90 pills per box, more than most other Hoodia products
495mg of 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii

How to order UniqueHoodia

Due to the popularity of UniqueHoodia, there is a maximum of 6 boxes per customer. This is because the stock is flying off the shelves quicker than the pure Hoodia can be grown, extracted and packaged up.

I recommend that you order the maximum of 6 boxes package. Not only will it comes cheaper per box and you will get bonuses, but your money is guarantee which makes your order risk-free anyway.

Hoodia Gordonii takes 20 years to grow and it is found only in the desert of South Africa so this resource is very rare. With an increase in media coverage on UniqueHoodia expected in the coming months, buy as much as you need today. The limit of 6 boxes per customer may be lowered to 2 or less any time soon.

Order UniqueHoodia today

The truth behind the Hoodia extracts controversy

All Hoodia Gordonii supplement are not made equal. Most of websites selling this appetite suppression pills market their product as “the best Hoodia Gordonii EXTRACT.” The word “extract” should be a big red light for you because genuine 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii never comes in an extract form.

Hoodia Gordonii extract means that any part of the plant could have been used to make the supplement unscrupulous companies are trying to sell you. For the Hoodia to be effective as an appetite suppressor, you have to consume the core of the cactus itself, not the leaves, the flowers or the roots. These are all scraps of the plant that are not effective to lose weight.

Hoodia vs. Glucose – which is better at appetite suppression?

Recent studies done by Cambridge University proved the theory that blood glucose acts as a short-term appetite regulation on the body.

So that means that naturally in our body, the amount of glucose in the blood regulates our appetite.

When there is enough glucose in the blood, we feel full but not enough glucose and our brain sends the signal to the body that it needs food to continue to function well. So less glucose means that you will get hungry.

For the majority of people who can’t control their weight, the connexion between the signals sent to their body by the brain and the level of glucose in their blood is interrupted, so appetite is not related anymore to glucose in the blood.

Hoodia, efficiency and price

hoodia-gordoniiYou surf on the web and notice different prices for the same Hoodia pills, an appetite suppressant made from a cactus.

But are all pills the same? In fact, not at all!

Like everything else, prices vary depending on the quality of the product. Different prices, means different quality. And like anything else, the phrase “what you pay is what you get” also applies to Hoodia pills. You see, one of the surest ways to tell you are not receiving pure, authentic Hoodia Gordonii is its price.

Since the media craze about the best all-natural appetite suppressant Hoodia Gordonii, the stock of this marvelous cactus are becoming more and more rare. There is only one region in South Africa that produces the best quality Hoodia Gordonii, so this plant is not found in large quantity and it’s also in demand all over the world. No wonder why the prices of raw Hoodia have gone up!