Genuine Hoodia Gordonii pills

Genuine Hoodia Gordonii Capsules

Hoodia Gordonni is the most widely sold and most frequently used natural appetite suppressant. The powder from the hoodia plant has been extensively studied for over a decade – its connection and benefit to weight loss is undisputed by many experts in the field of weight loss.

The question is not should I use hoodia to help control and suppress my appetite but which product to buy.

Cites Certificate Hoodia

There are currently several dozen branded Hoodia products available each with a seemingly unique angle but all following the same origin and story.

For the uninitiated, Hoodia has been used for centuries by the nomadic San Tribesman of the Kalahari (Southern Africa) to help suppress feelings of hunger when food was scarse. The western world has just only realised by comparative terms that perhaps the same tactic employed by the San tribes people could be adopted to solve the spiraling obesity crisis.