Weight loss success story – How I lost 30 pounds

When did I become unhappy with my weight?

When I hit puberty, the skinny kid that I have always been was no more. I begin to pack the pounds until I reach 175 lbs in college. It was a mix between stress eating, larger portions and less exercise as well as hormonal imbalance that made me reach my biggest weight.

I tried several diets, some with more success than other, but I just couldn’t keep the weight off for a very long time. I had the tendency to tell myself: “You have been good all these months and you lost so many pounds. Why not reward yourself now by eating just a little bit more?” Of course, I regained the weight that I lost and some more! I had been an emotional eater all my life and I sought comfort in food.

What was my wake-up call to get serious about losing weight?

Detox to lose weight

A detox diet means that you eat only certain food that will help your body cleanse itself of all the accumulated toxins. The detox diet is very easy to do, but it must be done correctly to avoid doing more harm than good to your body. Your body must receive all it needs to function properly, so maintaining a nutritious diet is your top priority. In this way, detox is safer and easier than fasting.

If done for a short period of time, a detox diet can have many advantages and it’s quite easy to do. By detoxing, you could experience better skin texture, better body functions, weight loss, boosted immune system and less cellulite.

The basics of the detox diet

The basics of every detox diet is that you eat low fat and unprocessed food like fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds, caffeine-free herbal teas and plenty of water. While eating these ingredients, you will not only detox and clean your body, but you will reduce your calorie intake and bloating.

Hoodia vs. Glucose – which is better at appetite suppression?

Recent studies done by Cambridge University proved the theory that blood glucose acts as a short-term appetite regulation on the body.

So that means that naturally in our body, the amount of glucose in the blood regulates our appetite.

When there is enough glucose in the blood, we feel full but not enough glucose and our brain sends the signal to the body that it needs food to continue to function well. So less glucose means that you will get hungry.

For the majority of people who can’t control their weight, the connexion between the signals sent to their body by the brain and the level of glucose in their blood is interrupted, so appetite is not related anymore to glucose in the blood.

Hoodia, efficiency and price

hoodia-gordoniiYou surf on the web and notice different prices for the same Hoodia pills, an appetite suppressant made from a cactus.

But are all pills the same? In fact, not at all!

Like everything else, prices vary depending on the quality of the product. Different prices, means different quality. And like anything else, the phrase “what you pay is what you get” also applies to Hoodia pills. You see, one of the surest ways to tell you are not receiving pure, authentic Hoodia Gordonii is its price.

Since the media craze about the best all-natural appetite suppressant Hoodia Gordonii, the stock of this marvelous cactus are becoming more and more rare. There is only one region in South Africa that produces the best quality Hoodia Gordonii, so this plant is not found in large quantity and it’s also in demand all over the world. No wonder why the prices of raw Hoodia have gone up!