Detox to lose weight

A detox diet means that you eat only certain food that will help your body cleanse itself of all the accumulated toxins. The detox diet is very easy to do, but it must be done correctly to avoid doing more harm than good to your body. Your body must receive all it needs to function properly, so maintaining a nutritious diet is your top priority. In this way, detox is safer and easier than fasting.

If done for a short period of time, a detox diet can have many advantages and it’s quite easy to do. By detoxing, you could experience better skin texture, better body functions, weight loss, boosted immune system and less cellulite.

The basics of the detox diet

The basics of every detox diet is that you eat low fat and unprocessed food like fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds, caffeine-free herbal teas and plenty of water. While eating these ingredients, you will not only detox and clean your body, but you will reduce your calorie intake and bloating.