Hoodia, efficiency and price

hoodia-gordoniiYou surf on the web and notice different prices for the same Hoodia pills, an appetite suppressant made from a cactus.

But are all pills the same? In fact, not at all!

Like everything else, prices vary depending on the quality of the product. Different prices, means different quality. And like anything else, the phrase “what you pay is what you get” also applies to Hoodia pills. You see, one of the surest ways to tell you are not receiving pure, authentic Hoodia Gordonii is its price.

Since the media craze about the best all-natural appetite suppressant Hoodia Gordonii, the stock of this marvelous cactus are becoming more and more rare. There is only one region in South Africa that produces the best quality Hoodia Gordonii, so this plant is not found in large quantity and it’s also in demand all over the world. No wonder why the prices of raw Hoodia have gone up!

So you found scratching your head wondering how one can offer Hoodia pills for 10 bucks? There is an easy answer to that question: those Hoodia pills are fake!

Unfortunately, there have been a number of unscrupulous companies profiting from the good reputation of this plant and offering fake Hoodia at prices defeating all competition.

In fact, researches made by an American scientific laboratory showed that 99% of Hoodia pills now on the market are fake! This is very scary news for consumers. Not only do people put money down the drain for a weight loss product that doesn’t contain the ingredient to actually suppress appetite, so they don’t lose an ounce, but they could be putting their health at risk with all the fillers and allergens found in these scam Hoodia pills.

The price of pure Hoodia Gordonii

Let’s face it, Hoodia Gordonii is an amazing plant that showed its appetite suppressant quality since century in the Kalahari Bushmen tribe of the South African desert.

When the demand of this plant was only for long trips of the Bushmen or in famine time, the stock was well enough naturally. But after the world discovered its amazing qualities and after years high demand, the harvesting and export of Hoodia Gordonii had to be regulated in order to prevent it from becoming extinct.

It’s true that Hoodia Gordonii can be found elsewhere in the world and not only in Southern Africa. This plant can also be found in Texas and China, but it’s not indigenous from these regions. It only naturally grows in South Africa.

Because the effectiveness of this plant can be greatly affected depending on the soil it’s harvesting in, you may be able to find 100% authentic hoodia products grown in Texas and China, but their appetite suppression qualities are greatly reduced just because it grew in different soil. Remember, only South African Hoodia Gordonii has natural appetite suppression ability.

Rarity is the only reason why genuine Hoodia Gordonii capsules are expensive. Its rare yet unique ability to create such incredible weight loss results has caused an exponential increase in demand.

Hoodia price comparison

On the Internet, you’ll soon notice a huge difference in pricing for a month supply:

Hoodia Gordonii 400mg – $9,50
Hoodia Gordonii slimming tablets – $11,99
Hoodia Gordonii 1000 Plus – $14,50
Extra strength Hoodia Gordonii 800mg – $17,65
Unique Hoodia – $55

As you can see, the price difference is huge for one month supply. And this is certainly not a case of overpricing. The reason they are so different prices is because of difference in quality of the supplement.

Do you really think that a supplement so rare that it has to be regulated, that only comes from one plant in one small part of a South African desert could sell for less than 20$ ? Of course not!

Remember that you get what you pay for. The only reason these companies are able to sell it for a low price is because it’s fake Hoodia, even though they unscrupulously tell otherwise.

99% of Hoodia pills on the market today are fake and one way to differentiate the true from the fake is by looking at the price of the Hoodia supplement.

hoodia-pillsSo while 100% true hoodia products such as Unique Hoodia may cost more, only they can offer the quality and effectiveness that will make you lose weight for a healthier and happier new you.

With Unique Hoodia, consumers can experience the benefits of:

  • Using 100% pure unaltered Hoodia Gordonii
  • A 2,000 calorie reduction every day
  • 10,000 times the productivity of glucose at suppressing your appetite
  • Increased energy and self esteem
  • A better and healthier new you.

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